1. selling my head made by redmoongirl on FA

    hes had some issues ived fixed up and has been worn quite a bit but im hopeing to get a new head (the fur is a bit mismatched, always has been) 

    hes going for $200 right now and would really like him gone and start paying for a new one :3

    thank you!


  2. katato said: Not sure if you've gotten any other answers to the person asking about premade supplies, but DreamVision Creations (DVC) is always a great place to go. If you go for the faulty items (which normally don't have much more than minor cosmetic flaws to them) they get sent out pretty quick and are offered at a discounted price

    i’ve gotten pawpads from there myself. thanks for the suggestion katato!


  3. manabananafox said: Question! Do you know of a place that sells premade nails, teeth, tongues, and eye material for fursuits? I was going to get all of my stuff from Fursuit Supplies but they removed nails and eye stuff. I saw there were links on how to make your own but I am not confident enough to make my own nails yet (already worried about making the eyes!) Thank you guys so much, I love this blog and all the help I've gotten from it thus far!

    followers halp

  4. therealurubabe:

    Today is the last day to bid on these beautiful heads!!!

    Cat- https://www.furbuy.com/auctions/1062430.html

    Dog- https://www.furbuy.com/auctions/1062431.html

    Triceratops- https://www.furbuy.com/auctions/1062433.html

    and of course, my FA- www.furaffinity.net/user/therealurubabe

  5. yamishizen:

    Tibia(skull doggy) head all fixed up! This spoopy puppy was given to its owner yesterday

  6. frankfurfandom:

    By: https://www.flickr.com/photos/eps_ham/ 

  7. niuxii:

    walk through the abandoned hospital in my suit ^^

    on photos is me

  8. lobitaworks:

    Rocket Raccoon head finished :) This is my Halloween costume for this year! The rest of the costume is forthcoming, I’ll be sure and take pictures of the whole thing together.

    I created this head from scratch from foam- nothing was outsourced or came frome a mold. I extensively studied both real raccoon anatomy and screengrabs of Rocket (and promptly found the real raccoon pictures weren’t that much help because Rocket’s proportions are subtly different). The teeth and nose are hand-sculpted from Super Sculpey, the lip and eyelids are two-part epoxy putty, and the eyes are hand-painted glass taxidermy blanks. I used five kinds of fur on the head and experimented with a few methods I’d not seen before, like feathering fur around the eyelids and simulating black skin peeking through the short fur of the muzzle. Rocket has horsehair whiskers and five real cat’s whiskers. I’ve been saving shed whiskers from my cat like a crazy person, gotta get more so I can replace the horsehair eventually. ;)

    This costume head represents a significant investment of time, effort, and obsessive work and I’m honestly a little in awe of my own work if that doesn’t sound too vain! He’s not perfect of course, I can already see three things I’d change for next time if there is a next time… but that’s really just splitting hairs. Enough blab from me, enjoy the pictures and thank you to all for their critique, encouragement, and kudos during this build. ^_^

  9. eixin:

    20141018 竜会6


  10. a-very-spooky-ghost said: Who made the suit in your profile picture??? I'd love to commission them at some point

    Skypro fursuit !

  11. Astrid really loves dressing up. The possibilities are endless!



  12. monster--mutt said: Is there any makers out there that make handpaws under $100?



  13. vodka--bear said: to critique that fursuit head, since I'm not an expert at making any, i can't give as great of advice as i would like to. but as far as I can tell the shape of the head is great! However, before I read the description I could not tell that the red parts were meant to be bloody. They look like just colored markings unique to your character. To make them look more like blood, you should make the red more curvy, so it looks like it's flowing like blood. Unless it is, and the angle doesn't show it.


  14. kaltiaem:

    I unfortunately need to sell my kitty fursuit. As much as I love him, the sizing issue is just too much and I don’t have much faith that I can get him resized before the con.
    I’ve worn this fursuit at two events now, but I will wash him before he’s sent out. The inner material has a pink stain from a shirt I wore underneath it but the stain won’t affect any wearing and it won’t bleed through.
    This fursuit was made by MushiMagic fursuits. You can see more pictures at SiberianTabby and here: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/13703549/
    I’ve named him Silva but the gender and name is yours to choose once you own this beautiful suit.

    I’d like $750 plus shipping for this fursuit. I originally paid $800. There’s no damage, but since it’s used I figured I’d take a little off.
    I may also take a trade for this fursuit. I’d like another fullsuit in return. Please note me or comment with offers. I’d prefer not to take a trade, but I will consider all offers.

    Sizing info (taken from the auction I originally got this from)

    The Head
    The head will fit up to a 24” head. It’s roomy, cool and lightweight. It’s fully lined and padded for comfort. It has a static, non moving jaw. It will still comfortably fit smaller heads.

    The Paws
    The hand paws have 4 fingers with sewn, fleece, pawpads. They are one size fits all and simply slip on. They are just over wrist length.

    The Tail
    The tail is attached via a wide belt loop that is inserted into the bodysuit for a seamless look.

    The Feet:
    The feetpaws were made with outdoor soles on womens’ size 9 1/2 shoes.

    The Body
    The body features a hidden zipper on the front for closure and will fit the following measurements:
    Height: 5’4” chest: 42” waist: 38” hips: 41” Inseam: 29” Arm length 22”

    If you have any questions, feel free to ask! If there’s no interest, this fursuit will be listed on Furbuy next week.

    FA link: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/14722481/

    (via kaltiaem)

  15. furrydoc:

    FMephit Costume Suite

    Baltimore, MD 


    Just got these negatives back and scanned from the photolab, still workin on the color-balancing!