1. I am currently selling this adorable fursuit made by RadyWolf over on my FA page!

    The auction ends Saturday, September 6th at 9 pm EST, click here for the auction and more information!

  2. we are making this partial currently just in time for Halloween and it includes a tail, head, paws and a sugar n spice costumes bandanna
    He will also include a laminated ref sheet pictured here ,a badge, and an awesome doodle page 
    He starts at $750 US or best offer i will not take anything under $550 Us for him (price does not include shipping will ship international )
    feel free to shoot us offers

  4. huggyfursuiter:

    Random Megaplex and Furshoot pics of Shi. ^^

    (via furry-obsession-time)

  5. prettyfurries:

    Also one of my favorite suits!

    (via furry-obsession-time)

  6. prettyfurries:

    Also one of my favorite suits!

    (via furry-obsession-time)

  7. eixin:

    20131014 ファーウエスト

    Freaking out because Jerome fursuit

    (via alt-reality)

  8. wild—-life:

    Some familiar faces… It’s fun to look back and see how they started out.


  9. fursuitselfies:

    hey do you like my new sweatshirt? :D 

    suit by Kio


  13. Hihi!! I’m looking towards foam casting, but I’m not sure what to use as a mothermold ;-; any ideas??? Also, how do I apply paint to it(for claws and whatnot)? Will fabric paint work?

  14. This handsome dude is up for auction! Check him out!


  15. ughrome:


    Concept art & finished work.
    We like to explore and evolve characters as we build them.  Character creation is one of our absolute favorite parts of costume making.